Be Our Supplier ?

Be Our Supplier ?

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We believe in people, strategy, objectives, marketing and social network as a whole. We believe in innovation and quality because Ceramic Exporter has come up with new ideas and new solutions, inspiring and effective keys, designed to meet the needs of the most exacting architectural, design and interior design professionals through ceramic exporter. Perfect place for Sell Out Your Products, Keep in Touch.

• Our Product Range:-

  • • Ceramic - Porcelain Tiles:- Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles - Digital Glazed Porcelain, Polished Porcelain Tiles, Digital Glazed Vitrified, Full Body / Colour Body, Heavy Duty Parking Tiles, Double Charge, Step Riser Strip, Look Like Wood, 3D Printed Tiles etc.
  • • Mega Slab:- Tiles, Marble Granite Natural Stone etc.
  • • Sanitaryware:- Water Closet, Wash Basin, Urinals, Bath Tubs, Kitchen Sink, Bidets etc.
  • • Sanitaryware Accessoires:- Seat Cover, Flushing System, Soap and Shampoo Tray, Paper Holder, Table Top Basin, Tomb Stone etc.
  • • Faucets Range:- Single Lever Taps, Half Turn Taps, Quarter Turn Taps, Sensor Tap, Piller Cocks, Bib Cocks etc.
  • • Bathroom Fitting:- Over Head Shower, Body Jet Shower, Shower Arms, Bath Spouts, Towel Rack and Rail, Pipe Fitting etc.
  • • Fixer Range:- Tiles Fixing Adhesive, White Cement Putty, Block Fixing Mortar, ReadyMix Plaster, Stone Fixing Adhesive etc.

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