Stone Fixing Adhesive Exporter, Manufacturer and Supplier

Areas of Application Benefits Direction For Use Packaging and Storage Coverage

Stone Fixing Adhesive Exporter, Manufacturer and Supplier

Ceramic Exporter offers a wide range of highly technical products suitable for stone fixing. We manufacture a quality range of Stone Adhesive which is high grade quality raw materials. Our offered range of this product will most extensively used for the stone surface. Our products are highly appreciated by our customers for their best quality. Our range is available at market leading prices.Fix your best of stones, marbles and granite with stone adhesives by ceramic exporter to give your home the perfect decor. These adhesive for tiles are surely going to retain the look of your place.

• Areas of Application

Stone Fixing Adhesive can application For fixing all types of stone, marble and mermer slab on interior and exterior floor & wall surfaces. For fixing a variety of stone, marble and mermer etc. on horizontal and vertical masonry or marble surfaces in interiors and exteriors. For fixing a variety of natural stones (marble, granite, marbonite etc.) on horizontal masonry or tiled surfaces in interiors and exteriors. When fixing natural stones and heavy tiles on vertical surfaces the use of Multi-purpose Polymer is mandatory.

• Benefits of Stone Fixing Adhesive

• High-Speed Adhesion:-Extremely fast bonding within just five minutes of open time. • Syringe Pack:- Innovative syringe pack extrudes resin and hardener in exact proportions and prevents wastage. An application tool is also available. • Optical Clarity:- Transparent appearance makes it usable in visible applications. • High Strength:- Provides high strength comparable to standard epoxy adhesives upon full curing.

• Direction For Use:

• Substrate preparation:- Substrate should be dry and free from dust or any traces of old materials that could impede a good adhesion with the stones. In case of tiling over existing tiles or coatings, check their adherence and repair any hollow areas or replace de-bonded tiles. In case of a very porous substrate (a water drop absorbed in less than a minute) or very smooth surface, apply the primer webercol prime using a brush or a roll.
• Stone Adhesive:- Apply a Stone Fixing Adhesive fast using a suitable notched trowel, adapted to the size of the stones and the flatness of the substrate. For large size stones and on substrates presenting defects in flatness, back-buttering is recommended (tile adhesive on the substrate and on the back of the stone). Exert a strong pressure on the stones or use a rubber hammer to remove air and ensure a good transfer. During application, carefully eliminate all traces of adhesive on the face of the stones with a wet sponge.
• Stone Grouting:- Before grouting, wait at least 3 hours after application of webercol fast or webercol F1 (fast-setting adhesives) or at least 24 hours when using a normal setting adhesive. We recommend weberepox easy for joint from 1.5 to 10mm and weberjoint perfect or weberjoint deco for joints between 1,5 and 20 mm. The fineness of the grout particles reduces the risk of surface scratching the tile. weberjoint perfect is the right product to grout polished marble and any tiles with a soft surface.

• Packaging and Storage:-

Stone Fixing Adhesive is available in 40 kg bag and has a shelf life of 6 months subject to stored in a cool and dry location properly. As temperature, humidity, water addition and other parameters vary from site to site; the above information should be treated as a general guideline.

• Coverage:-

One kg of Stone Fixing Adhesive yields a paste of 600 cc. 1 kg of Stone Fixing Adhesive can fix stone marble on an area of 3.22 sq ft. if stone are fixed with a uniform bed thickness of 2 mm .

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