Innovation at Ceramic Exporter

Ceramic Exporter.Com is believing in hi-tech innovations that are a breakthrough in the ceramic industry. Also believing in process with tools inspiration, creativity, analysis, technology, development, team work with a wide range of product technologies are export at the company’s state of the art plants including digital printing technology, big slabs, slim, anti microbial, glow in the dark, double charge, roll feed and other advanced technologies such as granitech, technoslate, twin press, dry glaze and waterjet to name but a few.


Research at Ceramic Exporter

Ceramic Exporter.Com has always been committed and dedicated appropriate resources to research and development activity. This ongoing commitment has lead to the development of significant production know-how, both solely in-house and in cooperation with suppliers of equipment. We follow in all-important phases in Ceramic Exporter.Com's key commitment to R&D.The Group's research and development team works alongside universities and institutes, and participates in projects.